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Hello, here you can find a full overview of each my different 'profiles'. Click on the titles to view more. To download my CV/resume, click the blue button.

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I started


when I was 9 years old and I sold my first project at 13. I worked as a tech co-host on Voix Du Liban (sot lebnen) radio for few years after.
In high school, I did my school's


. Back then, it was the first school in Lebanon to have a website. I proceed to study

Computer & Communication Engineering.

I have won numerous


& competitions, most notably being ranked as

Top Coder in Lebanon & Middle East/North Africa


I've also done many public talks, coached


, and mentored in events & competitions.

Some of the most notable events are BLOM Shabeb,

Facebook Developer Network


Yalla Startup Weekend

, amongst many others.

I've worked with over 350 clients, and currently a good part of the Lebanese market is linked to my work directly or indirectly.
I currently have my own company which grew starting from my last year in college:

Some notable interviews:
- An Nahar - From 11-Year Old Website Developer to Business Owner
- Al Ektisad - One of the first web programmers in Lebanon, Roy Naufal shares his success story
- LebMetal - Interview with Roy Naufal
- Other interviews: Ra2ed , Audience Magazine (UK), MetalHammer (UK), Al Hayat, Nahar El Shabeb, Al Manatek, TimeOut Beirut, Orbit, ART, Future TV, Tele Liban, Zein TV, MTV, Radio One, Voic of Lebanon Radio, etc.
Roy Naufal - 1st place Arabnet Developer Tournament Middle East/North Africa

directions_carRoydtrip / Adventurer

I have great interest in roadtrips, outdoors, & adventures. I do many activities & sports such as parkour, freerunning, biking, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, etc.
I also have a passion for photography & filmography, so with time, I built a huge archive of footage.

Whenever I posted something online, I got asked "is this in Lebanon? where is this? etc.", specially that many of the places we adventured to are relatively unknown.

So that's how the idea for Roydtrip (roadtrip play on words) came up, specially that, most of the online blogs with "suggested places to visit" do not show enough information about any of the locations they share.

So today, it is an an-going online project with a map covering Lebanon with different videos, pictures, and full description of places in Lebanon we venture to.

You can visit the website here: www.roydtrip.com.

Check out some videos:
Rankin Island,
Snowboarding in Lebanon,
200km South to North drive,

Roydtrip logo


I started playing music in high school. I picked up bass as an instrument after a friend introduced me to it.
I fell in love with bass as soon as I picked it up the first time, specially that guitar never really captivated me.

In high school, I formed a metal band (Blood Ink) that lasted for about 11 years before it reorganized into another band (Ink26) that lasted 2 years. Then, the other members' interests shifted elsewhere and caused the band to become inactive.

I currently am experimenting with a new musical project.

Here are few videos from my music work:
Blood Ink - Skull Crusher,
Blood Ink - Album Teaser,
Blood Ink - Drayke,
Ink26 - Renegade

Roy Naufal playing bass live

surround_soundEvents Organizer

Through the music & band lifestyle, I got interested in events as there was a big lack locally, and I felt the need to start organizing my own.
From small events, this developed into huge scale events gathering up to 1500 people with international artists.
This hobby developed professionally under the name Rockring, which some people joked and called Royring!
I've organized over 40 concerts, some of the most known being:

  • - HAIL! (all-star international band with members from Megadeth, Slayer Sepultura, Judas Priest, & Overkill)
  • - Global Battle of the Bands (to which I am the official license holder in Lebanon) - international battle with 25 countries
  • - Summer Fusion Festival
  • - Back to the Roots Metal concert

HAIL! considered Lebanon as one of their best concerts ever played and considered my team & I as one of the best organizers they've worked with.
This got me an interview with one of the biggest international Metal magazines: Metal Hammer - it was the first time Lebanon got acclaimed internationally for high scale metal concerts.
You can read the interviews here: page 1, page 2

Some videos: - HAIL! - Territory (Sepultura Cover),
- Summer Fusion 2017 trailer,
- Summer Fusion - Jack Haddad, House of the Rising Sun

Roy Naufal - Summer Fusion
Roy Naufal - Global Battle of the Bands

equalizerSound Engineer

Part of my interest in filmography & band/events got me into sound engineering.
I started working in audio when I was 14 when programming games and doing edits.

This small hobby developed into professional level where I've recorded many artists, setup a home studio, and done live mixing in over 50 events.
Many local bands considered me one of the top and always had high preference to work with me versus others.

Roy Naufal - Sound Engineer

CTO/Managing Partner- XTND
Nov. 2017 - Current

Responsible for the management & technical output with detailed oversight of the processes from conception to execution to presentation. Acting as a technical expert across teams, clients, and the information technology industry to provide solutions meeting requirements efficiently, with greater re-usability, and longer life.

CTO/Managing Partner- Grind
2010 - Nov. 2017

Responsible for the management & technical output with detailed oversight of the processes from conception to execution to presentation. Acting as a technical expert across teams, clients, and the information technology industry to provide solutions meeting requirements efficiently, with greater re-usability, and longer life.

CTO - Live Love Beirut
2015 - Present

Responsible of the technical aspects of LiveLoveBeirut's website & their ambassadords platform that coordinates all LiveLove media accounts (LiveLoveMzaar, LiveLoveLebanon, LiveLoveMovies, LiveLoveMusic, LiveLoveCedars, LiveLoveJounieh, etc.) This in addition to their upcoming web & mobile projects.

CTO - Feer McQueen
2014 - Present

A strong partnership relation where main roles include handling the development department & its team as well as technical consultation & research for different sorts of technologies and requirements that go beyond web and application development.

Head of Development/IT Consultant - College Notre Dame de Louaize
2002 - Present

Head of Development department. Part includes developing website, mobile app, Facebook apps, & other software. Work also includes managing Microsoft Live mail system for 4500 email accounts along with API integration for school systems.
Other parts of work include general IT consultancy & networking.

Owner - Rockring
2006 - Present

Live music events management. Producing some of the biggest local events in Lebanon.

Senior Developer - Ayna Coroporation
2009 - 2010

PHP/Flash Developer in an Agile/Scrum environment.

Senior Developer - Lipsmacking Design
2008 - 2009

Development of PHP & Flash applications.

Head of Development - Black Ink

Established development department to meet company development needs.
Worked in web development.

Education & Achievements
Computer & Communication Engineering (BA)- NDU

BAC II/Life Sciences- NDL

Top Coder winner - Arabnet Developer Tournament

Winning in a tournament against 160 developers.

Winner - Byblos Startup Weekend

54 hour startup marathon

Finalist - Arabnet Ideathon

Top 10 finalist out of 150 submissions

Top Arab Coder MENA - Arabnet Regional Developer Tournament

Top Arab Coders in Middle East/North Africa developer tournament

Winner - Arabnet Developer Tournament

Winner - Yalla! Startup Weekend

'Starting a Business' Certification - CISCO Entrepreneur Institute

ISO Server 2008 Certification - Microsoft

Microsoft Exchange Server Certification - Microsoft

Windows Server 2008 Certification - Microsoft

Scrum Master - ScrumArabia




Flash AS


Databases Design





MS Access

MS Office

Unit Tests




Web Security

Mobile Dev(Hybrid)


2D Game Development




Video Editing

Photo Editing

Audio Mixing

Agile Scrum



Years Experience


Done Projects



my work

my work

I am available for any work that revolves around tech; primarily:
programming (sites, software, mobile apps,...), server administration, hosting & domain management, tech consultancy, social media, or anything related.

I have done innumerable number of projects with time. These projects include: - websites
- mobile apps
- software
- custom systems
- smart billboards
- security
- server administration
- and more...

You can check my company's website, XTND, for more work related matters, or contact me directly from the contact page.

Few references:
- http://www.wheelers.me
- http://www.mazdalb.com/
- http://www.m2.com.lb/
- https://www.jabalmoussa.org/
- http://www.cosmocity.me/
- http://www.sgmatta.com/
- http://www.eaglefilmsme.com/
- http://www.maximechaya.com/
- http://www.nooreed.com/
- https://www.nogarlicnoonions.com/
- https://www.cine-mall.com/


get in touch

get in touch

[email protected]
Kesrouan, Lebanon
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