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Getting Your Lebanese International Driving License

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering about the new Lebanese International driving license and how to get it (specially if you have the old one).

All new driver licenses are in the new format, which is now supported internationally.
If you have the old driving license, upgrading it is very easy.

Steps to get the new Lebanese driving license:

  • prepare these documents:
    • 1 passport size photo
    • your old driving license
    • your ID & a photocopy of it
    • 12,000 LBP for stamps and 26,000 LBP for fees
  • go to the car registration office (“nef3a”) in Dekwene (click here to open on Maps)
  • when you arrive there, head to Building #2 (facing the cafeteria), tell them you want to renew your license to the new one.
    They will give you a form (no need to fill it, they will do so later)
  • get the 12,000 LBP stamps from the cafeteria & photocopy your ID if needed
  • then head up to the first floor, they will ask for the documents & photo, fill out the form, and ask you to pay the 26,000 LBP. Once finished, go go back down, and enter the building facing the cafeteria
  • there you will receive a waiting number
    • your fingerprints will be scanned & photo biometry taken
    • you will then get another number while your new driving license is ready, you simply pick it up, sign a paper, and you’re done!
Lebanese driving license waiting slip

The whole process took me around 20-25 minutes, the staff were very nice & friendly. I even got lucky with a parking spot at the entrance.

How international is the driving license?

Most countries accept driving licenses that are written in English (such as this new one).

Which countries can I use the Lebanese driving license in ?

Technically it should work worldwide since it is written in English.
I have tried it in Europe without problem.
Some other countries such as UK or USA might be more strict and require extra documents.
UAE require an IDP (International Driving Permit).
I have not ventured with the new license much except in Europe. If you have any info worth sharing here, please message me so I update the info!

How do I get an IDP (International Driving Permit) ?

The process is very easy. You need 2 passport size photos and your current driving permit.

You head to ATCL (Automotive & Touring Club of Lebanon) in Jounieh.
You are required to pay a fee of 100 USD. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

Its validity is for 1 year.

What is the difference between an IDP and the Lebanese Driving License?

Technically an IDP is just an English translated document for your driving license, and since the new Lebanese driving license is in English, it is generally not required.
Certain more strict countries do not recognize driving licenses from other countries though, regardless of Language, as they might possibly be faked, and require an IDP which is generally more recognized internationally.
To be fully safe, do an IDP, or research about the country you are traveling to.

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